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BY KIETHONEY WEDDING PLANNER consultations are tailored to the needs of each couple. The first row of BY KIETHONEY WEDDING PLANNER is bringing an intimate and meaningful wedding. We will accompany you through the wedding preparations to ensure that you and your future spouse are comfortable and chilling for the day ahead.
Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

As one of the premier wedding planners in Vietnam, By Kiet Honey understands the couple’s desire for a one-of-a-kind, unique, and comprehensive wedding.

In order to achieve those values in the most perfect way, we design Planner packages to suit the demands of each couple:

Planning packages:

– Basic Wedding Planner Package
– On-Day Wedding Planner Package
– Full-Day Wedding Planner Package
– Luxury Wedding Planner Package

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

With a professional design team, we always listen to the desires of the couple, and convey those messages to the guests through the concept.

Not only conducting the wedding decorations, By Kiet Honey also strives to provide unique experiences and a sense of creativity with everything we design.

Decoration categories:

– Wedding Idea
– Wedding Concept
– Wedding Destination

– Wedding Luxury
– Tea 
– Buddism Wedding Ceremony/Marriage or wedding

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