Originated from the first years as the wedding field have been starting to develop in Vietnam, BY KIETHONEY WEDDING PLANNER is proud to be a unit which organises and decorates wedding feast with plentiful experiences. Our mission is to provide wedding services, design and decoration of party and event through the processes of planning, idea making, product creating that help your wedding day to become so special. We understand thoroughly your difficulties when you have to experience many options as well as face with many problems such as workforce, time, venue, decoration… With the seasoned experience in the field of event organisation, we always bring appropriate and practical options to customers.

BY KIETHONEY have been affirming our brand name through products that have been made with many aesthetic elements as well as a young workforce with constant creativeness, diversified and flexible artistry towards the world’s wedding trend. We always follow and show the wishes of the customers along with the polish and scrupulousness in every design. The customers’ pleasure and smile is the biggest motivation for us to constantly develop and do self-improvement our services in order to provide optimal product to customers with the most reasonable price and help the wedding day to be the best.