The Rewritten Stars

“If love is a kind of destiny, ours is entwined between stars & dusts” It was the opening line that Hao shared about their love story. Hao & Yen met on a special day of an old friend so the day they met & how they fell in love are like a charm, an arrangement, a destiny. Along with the memories of the couple at the Starlight Bridge, this is the reason we named the concept “The Rewritten Stars” – The stars are rearranged to be together. In the eyes of the groom, Yen is “a beautiful girl with sharp & bright features, agile, lively & smiley face”. We also know that he is a business entrepreneur. Now you may imagine this is a wedding of a hot girl with a rich man. But oops, you’re wrong. If you have chance to meet them, you will know how funny they are. The interesting task of every wedding planner is to meet the bride and groom in coffee shop and sit and chat from after work hours until night. But every time we meet Yen & Hao, the whole team gets a chance to chat & LMAO. I once or twice went to her spa to discuss her big date but get a lot of beauty tips, sometimes get milk tea treat, the other is on the worship day… Reading his sharing lines for you I know that you met the Mr. Right. We wish you two a happy, flourishing marriage life & lovely children.