The Fine Reminiscence

The first days of 4 years ago, they dreamed that “one day we will explore together all the corners of this world”. It may have been a dream, but the day I met you, you sent me a hard drive containing thousands of pictures of the 21 countries that you have come across, I understand how happy you are with those beautiful memories. It was the first anniversary in Hong Kong 2015 to pick them up with cold chills, hands and feet were so cold that they could not hold anything. Or Bangkok in the beginning of 2016, they pulled the suitcase through every corner of the street under the heat of the tropics. Tung did not like Thailand but he was enchanted from that moment. Then Paris, the capital of France, labelled as the city of love, in the late autumn made the hearts closer to each other. And many other places like Chiang Mai, Jeju, Venice …. those hold quite a lot of memories. On the wedding day, I reformed the space as an exhibition hall, where beautiful memories were retained, and the areas were decorated with memories of the couple. Flower, candles and a piano created an extremely warm and cosy space. Today, Tung and My step into a new page, creating the new images for their gallery, containing memories of not only those two but with family & friends. They were wearing the wedding clothes, not casual ones anymore, and had the photographers to catch the most genuine feelings instead of taking photos by themselves with their tripod. Thank Tung & My for choosing the team to help them on the wedding day, wish them happy on the journey full of admiration. The team will always follow and won’t forget to drop the heart-sign for images of the conquering the world journey.