“If we could trek back to recall the youth, would you mind joining me? Let’s get ready with sweets, tea, and coffee!” … This wedding has many special things, from the ceremony, wedding music, to the feelings of guests. And we cannot forget mentioning the décor of the party. Instead of using flowers like other weddings, we use tea leaves, fresh coffee branches, coffee bags and tea tree brought from Dalat, the gentle and peaceful Land of the Youth. We hope that the wedding day could become a milestone, the place keeping a piece of the youthfulness, the vivid and treasured memories in their lifetime. Thenceforth, surely, they shall grow old, sit down together, have a cup of tea, ‘listen to Ngo Thuy Mien’, reopen the wedding scrapbook, and serenely memorize the reminiscent sentences … “Sugar could sweeten coffee. How about love between you & me?”