Step by step to the happiness

“The fate turned out to be soon predestined in the moment we met” Not too soon one step, not too slow one rhymth, fitness in ten thousand people, meet and belongs to together, it is destiny The couple of Thinh and Linh left much emotion for me. I met them from the beginning of opening my office. At that time, we have not signed at the contract yet, but in the heart I wanted to be as wedding planner for this couple because I could feel their sentiment as well as the way that they trust me. And the preparation for their wedding day as a walk to us, travelling from pre-wedding in Can Tho to the beautiful coffee shops in Saigon. To each couple, we often ask our bride-groom to send their love story so that we can understand more about two main characters. However, initially, the couple was a “hard” case. As reading their story, I chose the gentle concept of “Step by step to the happiness”, because everything of their love story was also gentlte and rather slow. On the wedding day, we chose the gatsby style with the navy blue and red color, combined with the luxurious yellow as well as delicate white color, mixing with the space of the party. Décor items were arranged in the form of rung of ladder as a separate icon of the couple. The programme of that wedding day could not ignore the bride-groom’s thoughtful preparation. They did not forget to make a clip to express their gratitude to their parents, as well as run around the Faculties of the two hospitals or ask for the blessings of the loved relatives. They went to the dancing studio to practice 8-minute dance that could not be more lovely. For myself particular, talking about them is to mention the joy and enthusiasm about the profession. When there is any sad something, I would think of you as a motive in order to bring the happiness for many couples more. Let’s walk through such peaceful steps, not too hurry, too warm, but full of patience and gentlement. Walking together slowly, slowly on each rhymth of this life. “ Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.”