Hiếu & Đan

Round & round, It blooms again

[Minimalism style for the modern wedding] The engagement ceremony of Hiếu & Đan took place cosily at the private house in Tiền Giang. We created the concept inspiring the meaning of Two Overlapping Circles that “They rolled around paths, new & joyful things or different relationships; nevertheless, round & round they met again whence daily life went so simply & casually that they couldn’t even realise how & when “It blooms again”. The style the Bride & Groom chose is minimalism but also elegant, expressed through the ardent cherry red, the simple white, the graceful gold & the natural colours of leaves & wood. It was so surprised on the day we headed to the venue since it is a splendid house comprising modern but traditional design with an airy & poetry front garden & fish pond. Let’s take a look at the below pictures to see our attempt, trying setting up the ceremony. And don’t forget to look forward to how we are going to picture the love story of Hiếu & Đan through their Wedding in a different way in December.