Long -Yến

Long – Yến sum vầy – Lễ Đính Hôn

The engagement ceremony was the rosiest day of her life. En (which means the Swallow bird) is the nickname of the bride, Yen. She said that pink was the colour she hated the most. She couldn’t stand the big pink flower the princesses wore in the film My Fair Princess. Yet she loved the risky stuff, hence, decided to trust Kiet and Nhi who can create extraordinary things in her engagement ceremony. And that day was the rosiest day in her life, the day that Hoang Long came and proposed the wedding request to Hoang Yen’s family, that Long & Yen gathered and the two sides of the family held hands together to engage the commitment making the nest. We did have some unforgettable memories since that was a beautiful & moderately deluxe house with a kind welcome from the family. That was also the time we made things comfortably thanks to the trust and freedom for the creation they gave us. ‘Pink’ doesn’t mean ‘cheesy’. Look! It was blended with the space and the aesthetic architecture & interior taste of the owners. Stay tuned for the most gorgeous parts that we urge to show you at the end of the year when the Swallow officially builds the nest and gets into the marriage life which will be always complete, warm & happy as the meaning of the Swallow symbol we believe in.